The Wolf Children
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wolvenkindren's story

Wolf Children, or Wolvenkinderen is a collection of stories about raising self-sufficient young kids. Stories about slow living, sustainability, and the value of doing things outdoors.

Wolvenkinderen also run a community blog, and clothing line, with more in the pipeline! They describe their lifestyle website as a must for every family that doesn’t want to fall into the trap of screen time.

Let’s get back to actively creating our own stories—because in a few years from now, no kid will ever remember their best day in front of a screen.

The stories of Wolvenkinderen aim to inspire a life well-lived in the outdoors. Inspired by the imagination and creativity of children, their stories are moulded and made and splashed and dug and discovered.

They tell the tales of a life well-lived outdoors, of exploring, and adventures that start with a sole.

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