Giuli & Giordi
Giuli & Giordi's Story

Giuli and Giordi consider themselves "non-traditional, fresh and spontaneous". But these creative daydreamers keep their feet firmly on the ground.

Photographers Giuli and Giordi and their four children travel around Europe in their VW T4 van, experiencing the very best the continent has to offer—from the dramatic landscape of Iceland to the archipelagos of the Faroe Islands.

Even if everything goes fast, nature often asks us to slow down. It asks us to observe and listen.

Raising their family in nature drives Giuli and Giordi to seek out new experiences—like waking up with the sunrise and bathing in cold waters. Their far-from-ordinary life allows Agnese (6), Frida (5), Arturo (3) and Timo (4 months) to live life as close to nature as possible. This connection to the earth allows these creative dreamers to remain firmly grounded—literally.

For Giuli and Giordi, the value of a life on the move lies in showing and teaching their four children the values of simple living and richness of experience. They hope to inspire in them the merit of practising love above all, togetherness and respect for others and the planet.

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